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The `game_graveyard_zone` table

Contains informations about zones connected to world's graveyards.

This table set if character die in zone ghost_zone and graveyard with id accept his team (HORDE or ALIANCE or both) and this is nearest graveyard then character's ghost will be teleported to graveyard id.

For a list of all existing graveyard zones and their respective IDs, check out WorldSafeLocs.dbc

Schema Last Modified: TC1-1828 - Schema Verified: Rev 665


Field Type Null Key Default Extra
id mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
ghost_zone mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
faction smallint(5) unsigned NO 0

Description of the fields


Graveyard's ID. See WorldSafeLocs.dbc


Zone's Id of ghost position before teleportation to graveyard. See AreaTable.dbc


Graveyard's team.

0 - Any team's accepted

469 - ALLIANCE team accepted only

67 - HORDE team accepted only