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The `transports` table

This table contains all type 15 transports (Boats and Zeppelins). All other transport types have their frame time read from TransportAnimation.dbc.

Schema Last Modified: TC1-1828 - Schema Verified: Rev 665


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
entry mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
name text utf8_general_ci YES NULL
period mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0

Description of the fields


This is entry to be used for this transport from gameobject_template.entry. It must be a type 15 game object.


This is an arbitrary name that is only used to describe this transport entry.


This is the amount of time that it take for the transport to make one full pass through all the frames in TaxiNode.dbc. When a client change occurs, usually this field must be updated as Blizz changes the speeds of the transports on the official servers. The only known way to get this value is to ride the transports on the official servers and then tweak it until you get the proper value. This values in in milliseconds.