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Welcome to the OregonCore Wiki!


Documentation and guide for users and developers of the OregonCore project.

Installation Guide

   Getting started: Introduction
   Installing the game client
   Downloading and building on Microsoft Windows
   Downloading and building on Linux
   Extracting client data (DBC, Maps, VMaps)
   Loading the database
   Basic configuration of the core and realm applications
   Starting your new server
   Creating the administrator account
   Adding a player account
   Auction House Bot system
   Configuring network for client connections
   Common problems and solutions
   Older setup guides and installation notes 

Database Documentation

   World Database structure
   Realmd Database structure
   Characters Database structure
   Description of the data field in the `characters` table 

Content Creation

   Guide to ScriptDev2's EventAI DB Script
   HowTo - Creature Movement and Waypoints 

Reference Data

   DBC Files
   Other Reference Information 

External Links

   OregonCore Forums
   OregonCore Repository
   Bug Tracker
   Trinitycore WotLK